I recently listened to a podcast modeled to entrepreneurs about hitting road blocks and failure. 

In a world where it seems that success is glorified and failure is not an option its easy to feel lost in the shuffle if your not in the winners circle. I often like to speak and hear from people who are in the midst of their dream, to those who are still in the pursuit of the American Dream.  I often hear very similar guides when it comes to finding your passion. Most experts say to look back at your youth, particular 11 or 12. 

The guide is that whatever you were involved in as a child, whatever passions filled your days, its most likely the compass to guide you as an adult. For me it was writing. I would sit and write short stories, spend all day in a movie theater, re-watch the same movies over and over just so I could dissect the story structure of the film. 

I even wrote some one hit wonders on my trusty violin and recorder. But as I look at the most recent opportunities that are happening around me, they all involve my writing. 

Most recently I've learned that one of my plays will be premiering at the United Solo festival in NYC this fall. This is the third opportunity in a row that sparked from my writing. Often as an actress you tend to hit some walls and in my case smash your head against it a couple of times, before you wake up and realize that there just might be another avenue for you to do your art. 

Now on everyone its going to look and be different, because each of us are built differently. However we all have that capability to listen to our own compass, to find our own guides that will lead us to our own passions. It took me an obscene amount of time to realize that one of my passions, is writing. I love it, and I enjoy every second of it. Even the moments when I'm stuck and I feel like the worst writer on the planet, I find that I'm enjoying the struggle and the joys of story telling. 

So my dear friends, whats your passion? What was it that you found yourself doing habitually for the love of it as a child, at 11 or 12 years old? 

It can be anything really, don't judge, just recall it and remember how it let you feel, then take it from there and let your inner compass guide you.

With that said, thanks for stopping by and for spending a little time to read my blog, eternally grateful!