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Comfort Zone Challenge

About three weeks ago I embarked on a Comfort Zone Challenge that was created by a semi awkward (a title of which I proudly self-proclaim myself) seemingly both approachable and friendly, coach, speaker entrepreneur and TEDx speaker Till Grossman. 

He is the founder of the Comfort Zone Crusher. Till Grossman has created a following all over the world of people who dare to reach beyond the limits they have created for themselves.  The challenges ask you to question everything you know about yourself and the world around you. 

I unknowingly fell upon this challenge during a polite conversation. Through a chance encounter I meet a drifting European on vacation in Los Angeles, who as the forces would have it, was here for one day only. Somehow we feel into a conversation about battling our biggest fears, mine is to sit alone in a restaurant on a Friday or Saturday evening in a very populated restaurant filled with couples (just in case you were wondering). He mentioned this challenge and how exciting it was for him to participate in it. His eyes lit when he spoke of the different challenges he did with this curious group, that I had never heard of. Just seeing how alive he felt when describing The Comfort Zone Challenges I decided to say, "What the heck", I have nothing to loose. 

.....With out giving too much information.....The basic structure of the comfort zone challenge is that you are sent a specific amount of challenges via e-mail in which you have 48 hours to complete.

One thing that my life experience has taught me is to always assume that when entering a new adventure you never quit get what you expected. Often the rewards are even greater then what you planned on experiencing.

I will note, that when I made the decision to jump out of my own skin, I expected to approach each challenge kicking and screaming, tossing and turning the night before, at the anticipation of the next challenge. 

*Disclaimer this is how I used too normally approach new things, like first day of school, a new job, auditions, my body and mind usually dives right in kicking and screaming, and in knots of anticipation of the NEW*

But I digress- Where was I? Yes--- The Challenges!!!!!

As I was saying, I thought I was going be stretched in a way that was so uncomfortable that I would want to vomit every second of each challenge.

Again- without giving too much information away, the first challenge by far was the scariest challenge. The, "Lie Down Challenge", Mr. Till Gross has you dive right in with the big dogs. Upon accepting the challenge you have 48 hours to lie down for 30 seconds in a public space, preferably crowded, IE grocery stores, shopping malls, Times Square, you get the point! The key thing here is that it must be a PUBLIC place. 

[The picture of my feet above...Yup! That's me in Target]

This by far was the scariest thing I think I've done in relation to the, Comfort Zone Crusher challenges. It took me 3 days not 48 hours to build up the courage. 

So I was ecstatic to partake in the rest, because that filling of accomplishing something that originally terrified me was exhilarating, I felt as alive as the mystery man that introduced me to the Comfort Zone Crusher challenges.  I was walking with an extra pep in my step and it felt like a drug, I wanted more. 

The second Challenge which I also posted a video blog about on my Author page on Facebook, which you can also find a link to my page here: SachaElieBooks; 

was not as exhilarating and neither was the third challenge, but they were extremely valuable lessons I learned about myself and the world that I've created for myself. 

The third day of  challenge we were asked to smile to 5 people, perfect strangers of course. This challenge took me almost a week to achieve because I kept on starting from scratch. It took me a week to realize that this is something I do on a consistent basis. I kept on methodically picking out strangers to smile too and then I would loose track because I naturally smiled and went well past 5 individuals. And then one morning, determined to finish the challenge, it hit me like a ton of bricks, THIS IS WHO I AM...


The 5th day of the challenge I have to admit, life happened and I had to take some time before I began again. 

The next challenge, The Compliment Challenge, we were asked to compliment 5 strangers, on anything, IE hair, clothes, smile etc. 

 I dived right right in, I dived right in & experienced the same road block that I experienced in the previous challenge. It took me almost another week, to realize that this is what I do naturally. THIS IS WHO I AM.

I don't want to give away much of Mr. Gross's challenges, I would like to leave you with some element of surprise if you decide to try it out for yourself... 

But what I will say with the last challenge is that it brought about the same thrill and for me was just as scary as the first challenge and I felt just as accomplished and proud of myself after completing it. 

While some challenges were easier then others to perform, what I got out of the experience was not just self discovery but also amazing insight about MY LIFE & WHO I AM. 


I'm naturally a comfort zone crusher. I spend my daily life crushing the zones of what is considered to be normality. Maybe its because I'm an actor and I spent more then half of my life auditioning, in classes, rolling around on floors, wrapping my body around people I barely knew, jumping up and down while making animal sounds as a student and as a teacher in front of 20 to 200 people at a time. 

I'm an artists, and once you choose to create you are constantly setting up new comfort zones for yourself and then crushing them to see what's next. That is the life of an artists. This is my life.I currently live and breath it.  I'm already a risk taker by the nature of who I've chosen to be and by the career and life path I've chosen to live. 

The comfort zone challenge for me is about re-collaborating your life, pushing you forward to a new direction. Life is meant to be lived and I've learned that I already LIVE life everyday. So in a nutshell, I didn't kick and scream on a daily basis, but I did get a good reminder about the comfort crusher that already lives inside of me. 

If you are interested in taking the challenge below, check out Till Gross website, by clicking here!

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Ask yourself:

What's your comfort zone, step out of your norm and discover who you are truly meant to be! 

-There's nothing to loose only great gains await.


Sacha E.