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Self Worth... Whats yours?


Self Worth... Whats yours?

My Self Worth:

Take the Self Worth Challenge and write what your own self worth means to you, leave it in the comment or message me! 

I am the daughter of Haitian Immigrants the descendants of Haitian Slaves that fought in a revelation for freedom. In my blood runs the descendant of a Great Haitian General that fought, directed and help lead his brothers and sisters towards their self worth, of Freedom. 

In my veins runs the blood of women that bore 13 and 12 brave souls that journeyed into the Americas to provide me with this opportunity to live, breath, speak and follow my dreams. 

I am the future mother of unborn souls who by example I must walk a path of bravery to live, truly live a life yet explored, for my daughters.

I am a human being who's failures nearly took me down, stopping the willingness to breath and dream. 

I am a human being that will not be defined nor stopped dead by my miseries, failures and mistakes but instead I will learn day by day the value in the courage to walk in them, to walk threw them, past them and beyond them. 

Despite what the current state of the world may have me hypnotized to believe my worth is based beyond by my credit score, the car I drive , the number of likes on my post or pages, or YouTube Views, or Instagram followers, or if you choose to like me, hate me, support me, or even by the career I have or don't have. 

I am worth much more then these things, THESE. THINGS. THEY. ARE. JUST. THINGS. If I fail then....

I will use my failures as a walking stick to aid and assist me to carry me if I stumble in the wake of the night.  

I am my mothers daughter, who taught me to fight for my rights, to stand proud against injustice, who looked me in the eye everyday and told me that I was a strong and beautiful, Black, Haitian, powerful, but will always be Powerful young woman. No matter the challenge, to never forget my light. 

I am my mothers daughter that gave me the Gift of Sight to see the envy in men and the deep secrets of my enemies. 

I am my grandmothers daughter who also gave me the sight of spirit in Nature and All things know and unknown to men. 

Where others see impossibilities or madness, my ancestors implored in me the wisdom and the destiny Of Turning Thought into Magic, for its not Voodoo that runs in my veins but the magic of free will, the endless pursuit of determination to turn the impossibility to possibility, therefore everything I am.  Thought. Created. And Ever Imagined, can be nothing but Possible.

- A Poem By Sacha Elie 

Take the challenge and write what your own self worth means to you, leave it in the comment or message me! 

(c) August 14, 2017 


Official Press Release....


Official Press Release....

Exciting News Ladies and Gents! 

So much has happened in the past few months that I don't even know where to start, this year just keeps on piling with blessings that makes this ordinary life seem a bit less ordinary and dream like.

I haven't written in a while because, well producing, a solo show has been quite demanding but utterly rewarding and worth it.


      Ever wonder what your favorite characters would say about you, and their own parts, if the roles were reversed?  RACHEL - INSPIRING ACTRESS - DYNASTY’S DOMINIQUE DEAVERAUX - ELEGANCE - REALITY TV - MS. RAY-RAY - GONE WITH THE WIND - MAMMY - BASTARD CHILD - STRIPPING TO BROADWAY - FAME- SLAVES - FORTUNE - FIRST BLACK BITCH.              RACHEL, DOMNIQUE, MS. RAY-RAY, MAMMY     If you ever wonder, wondered, or would like to know keep reading…     Following the great response from a 20-minute version of this monologue at UCLA School of Theater Film and Television, Who You Calling a Bitch?!? Will now be on at  The Studio Theater  in October 2017!      The Studio Theater  is apart of the famed United Solo festival and is operating in conjunction with 42nd Street Development Corporation. It is also apart of broadways arts district in the heart of time square, right smack on 42nd street.     The space is intimate and raw just like the writing.  I saw my first Broadway play on 42nd street when I was 10 and I was hooked. I ran straight home and professed to my mother that I was going to be an actor, I knew exactly what I was going to do for the rest of my life.  It’s very fitting and its extremely personal to me to come back to the east, to my old stomping ground, performing material that I’m passionate about.     I don’t want you to miss a thing!! This version will run 45 mines, (so they say, although I’m still working on it, but it WILL be, I promise)     I can tell you that its funny, and not so funny, it’s heartfelt, sad, poignant and needed!   So far we are scheduled with the festival for ONLY  1  performance, if we sell out,  WE GET MORE AND MORE DATES!  So PLEASE support by telling, friends, enemies, strangers, supporters, non-supporters, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, tell everyone ! Gay, Straight, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Asian, Latino, Green, You get the point, mainly tell  EVERYONE  to come  All  are welcome!   ☆   The Studio Theater   ☆      410 W 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036   The STUDIO THEATER  is located in Hells Kitchen. Along 8th Avenue. Luckily all trains go to 42nd, street, best access, A,C,E with a 4 min walk to the theater.    ☆ DATES ☆  October 29th, 2017 (Possible add’tl show/Tell your FRIENDS)   ☆ TIME ☆  6PM  Show duration : 45 minutes  ☆TICKETS (ON SALE MARCH 1ST, 2017!)☆  Buy now from    ☆ INFORMATION ☆  ☆ WEBSITE☆   visit my blog for show dates and information  Thank you for reading,  Much Love,  Sacha Elie   


Who You Calling A Bitch?!? (My second produced play)

☆☆☆☆ - Brilliant, I love that play of yours! Hilarious -Steven Rodgers, Infinity stage