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Self Worth... Whats yours?


Self Worth... Whats yours?

My Self Worth:

Take the Self Worth Challenge and write what your own self worth means to you, leave it in the comment or message me! 

I am the daughter of Haitian Immigrants the descendants of Haitian Slaves that fought in a revelation for freedom. In my blood runs the descendant of a Great Haitian General that fought, directed and help lead his brothers and sisters towards their self worth, of Freedom. 

In my veins runs the blood of women that bore 13 and 12 brave souls that journeyed into the Americas to provide me with this opportunity to live, breath, speak and follow my dreams. 

I am the future mother of unborn souls who by example I must walk a path of bravery to live, truly live a life yet explored, for my daughters.

I am a human being who's failures nearly took me down, stopping the willingness to breath and dream. 

I am a human being that will not be defined nor stopped dead by my miseries, failures and mistakes but instead I will learn day by day the value in the courage to walk in them, to walk threw them, past them and beyond them. 

Despite what the current state of the world may have me hypnotized to believe my worth is based beyond by my credit score, the car I drive , the number of likes on my post or pages, or YouTube Views, or Instagram followers, or if you choose to like me, hate me, support me, or even by the career I have or don't have. 

I am worth much more then these things, THESE. THINGS. THEY. ARE. JUST. THINGS. If I fail then....

I will use my failures as a walking stick to aid and assist me to carry me if I stumble in the wake of the night.  

I am my mothers daughter, who taught me to fight for my rights, to stand proud against injustice, who looked me in the eye everyday and told me that I was a strong and beautiful, Black, Haitian, powerful, but will always be Powerful young woman. No matter the challenge, to never forget my light. 

I am my mothers daughter that gave me the Gift of Sight to see the envy in men and the deep secrets of my enemies. 

I am my grandmothers daughter who also gave me the sight of spirit in Nature and All things know and unknown to men. 

Where others see impossibilities or madness, my ancestors implored in me the wisdom and the destiny Of Turning Thought into Magic, for its not Voodoo that runs in my veins but the magic of free will, the endless pursuit of determination to turn the impossibility to possibility, therefore everything I am.  Thought. Created. And Ever Imagined, can be nothing but Possible.

- A Poem By Sacha Elie 

Take the challenge and write what your own self worth means to you, leave it in the comment or message me! 

(c) August 14, 2017