"Yeah, I'm sweet with a little spice and everything nice, but the best part is I've got the brains to back it up."

Young Genius show appearing soon on streaming networks.

Strong Mom_Comedy (1) copy.jpg

"Put that Popsicle back where it came from, or else!"

Smart and Savvy woman, appearing on network television soon.

Smile Sacha, your on camera!

"I love to smile, I can't help it."

America's Sweetheart where smile brings comfort, in a National Commercial Coming Soon


"I've lost sleep, but I guess I'm just that kind of pre-med student."

Sacha in a Medical Show Series coming soon

Sacha doesn't play

"You talking to me?" Yeah, well you better, because I'm to ambitious to back down."

Sacha in legal series coming to you soon on network television

SassyTheat1 (1).jpg

"I don't care that you're tall, dark, and handsome, who just may happen to be an immortal creature!" I'm in love!"

Mystical love triangle film appearing in theaters coming soon.

Sacha The Ambitious

"Proud to be a Haitian Princess", Haiti is a rich full country!"



Appearing in the next Marvel Film (Black Panther) coming soon

Smile Sacha Your on Camera!

"Family, & Friends, & fighting for what is right is what keeps me grounded."

Appearing in the next Shanda Land series on Netflix coming soon.