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☆ WHO YOU CALLING A BITCH?!? Will appear as part of the Whitefire Theatre solo fest.

This special, one-night performance is Wednesday, January 30, 2019, from 8-9 pm.☆ Following a Light reception afterward.

This is a 45-minute show with no intermission.


REVIEWS: "SACHA ELIE'S SHOW WAS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!" - Brenda Kelly Grant, VP of Casting &  Emily Deshotel, VP's Of ABC Casting 

“Elie has written and directed a tour-de-force role for herself and she effortlessly straddles the line between comedy and drama throughout the piece.” – Rob Stevens,

“You will no doubt be inspired by her courage, humor, and heart”!

“A tour de force performance that leaves the audience gasping with insight.” – Laura Huntt Foti

“Sacha Elie blew my mind as she tried on, rejected, embraced and found the depth in multiple roles”.- Laura Huntt Foti


Ever wonder what your favorite characters would say about you if the roles were reversed?

If you ever wonder, wondered, or would like to know keep reading…

Following the great response from a 20-minute version monologue at UCLA School of Theater Film and Television, & Winner of the 2017 Scholarship Award at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and official selection of the United Solo Festival, Who You Calling a Bitch?!? Will now be on at The Whitefire Solo Festival in 2019!


Who You Calling A Bitch?!? – A solo reverie of a young African American actress as she navigates her identity through iconic African American characters and entertainers in Black History.

                                                  ☆ ONE NIGHT ONLY ☆

Written and produced by SACHA ELIE 

Directed by Sacha Elie & Madai Antunes-Trujillo 

Stage Manager- Madai Antunes- Trujillo

A diverse crew of story-tellers come together to present at the SoloFest 2019 @Whitefire Theater.

Dates: January 30th @ Whitefire Theatre13500 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA


Running time: 45 minutes

TICKETS: $20. Tickets available online or at the door.

PROCEEDS OF TICKET SALES WILL GO TO Couraj iTiburon - A Non-Profit Disaster Relief Organization to raise funds for Tiburon Haiti, My parent's hometown in Haiti! 


Twitter: @SachaElie


Instagram: WhoYouCallingAB